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Almost Heroes

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Almost Heroes

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It was a time of heroes. Well, almost. They were hearty men in those days. Men who, like Bartholomew Hunt and Leslie Edwards, made sure that when adventure called, it got a wrong number. CHRIS FARLEY and MATTHEW PERRY team with director Christopher Guest (Waiting for Guffman, Best in Show) to venture into uncharted comedy territory. Where explorers Lewis and Clark go, Hunt (Farley) and Edwards (Perry) follow, hoping to overtake the famed expeditioners and be the more fiery trailblazers. In a land dotted with bears, native tribes, pioneer outposts and wandering conquistadors having a bad hair day, is there not also room for two more adventurers eager to make a name for themselves? Westward ho-ho-ho! MPAA Rating: PG-13 (c) 1998 Turner Pictures Worldwide, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Regisseur en acteurs

Christopher Guest (regisseur), Chris Farley, Matthew Perry, Bokeem Woodbine, Barry Del Sherman, Eugene Levy, Lisa Barbuscia, Christian Clemenson, Patrick Cranshaw, Jonathan Joss, Gregory Cruz, Don Lake, Brent Hinkley, John Farley, Kevin Dunn, Tim DeKay, Keith Sellon-Wright, David Barrera, Harry Shearer, George Aguilar, Hamilton Camp, Lewis Arquette, Robert Tittor, Franklin Cover, David Packer, Steven M. Porter, Scott Williamson
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