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Certain Women

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Certain Women

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From award-winning director, Kelly Reichardt (Wendy and Lucy, Meek's Cutoff ) comes Certain Women, winner of Best Film at the London Film Festival. Laura Dern, Kristen Stewart, Michelle Williams and Lily Gladstone star as four women striving to forge their own paths amidst the wide-open plains of the American Northwest. Laura (Dern) is a lawyer who finds herself contending with both office sexism and a hostage situation. Gina (Williams) is a wife and mother whose determination to build her dream home puts her at odds with the men in her life. And Beth (Stewart) is a young law student who forms an ambiguous bond with a lonely ranch hand (radiant newcomer Lily Gladstone). As their stories intersect in subtle but powerful ways, a portrait emerges of flawed yet strong-willed individuals in the process of defining themselves.

Regisseur en acteurs

Kelly Reichardt (regisseur), Laura Dern, Michelle Williams, Lily Gladstone, Kristen Stewart, James Le Gros, Jared Harris, René Auberjonois, John Getz, Sara Rodier, Ashlie Atkinson, Guy Boyd, Edelen McWilliams, James Jordan, Matt McTighe, Joshua T. Fonokalafi, Zena Dell Lowe, Marceline Hugot
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