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Executive Produced by Noel Clarke, Legacy is a fast-paced, quick witted comedy about five friends who just want to party. Before entering the world of adulthood, Sean and his four friends are set to attend the party of a lifetime. Once they are unexpectedly thrown to the curb, literally, before setting foot inside, Sean discovers that his older brother has a rather dark and sinister history with the party promoter, Damien Chase. Unable to deal with the embarrassment of being rejected, Sean devises a plan to get even: throw a party to end all parties. But Damien gets wind that the five friends plan to topple his empire and he'll stop at nothing to see them fail. It promises to be more than just a party... it's a Legacy! (Original Title - Legacy (2014)) - 2013 Plumcourt Legacy Limited. All Rights Reserved.

Regisseur en acteurs

Davie Fairbanks (regisseur), Marc Small (regisseur), Franz Drameh, Amy Tyger, McKell David, Jacob Chapman, Solomon Taiwo Justified, Akshay Kumar, Alex Lanipekun, Steven Cree, Olivia Chenery, Tom Davis, Masashi Fujimoto, Fiona Hampton


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