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The Legend of Lylah Clare

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The Legend of Lylah Clare


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No one can touch Robert Aldrich when it comes to holding a mirror up to the self-absorbed self-deception of Hollywood. The director of What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? and The Big Knife turns the lens again to Tinseltown with this deliciously overheated mystery-melodrama. Kim Novak portrays an unknown chosen to star in a biopic of film goddess Lylah Clare, who died under mysterious circumstances on her wedding night. Two Best Actor Academy Award® winners,* Peter Finch as Lylah's obsessed widower and Ernest Borgnine as a loutish mogul, help stir a heady plot that reveals secrets, compulsions, perversions and murder as the naïve young actress becomes consumed by the identity of the dead star.

Regisseur en acteurs

Robert Aldrich (regisseur), Kim Novak, Peter Finch, Ernest Borgnine, Valentina Cortese, Michael Murphy, Lee Meriwether, Milton Selzer, Rossella Falk, Gabriele Tinti, Jean Carroll, Coral Browne, Robert Ellenstein, Ellen Corby, George Kennedy, Dick Miller
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